Lyca Mobile Recharge: Buy Lycamobile Recharge Online

April 2, 2012

Lyca Mobile Recharge is one of today’s largest mobile recharge helping over millions of customers across 14 countries. Choosing Lycamobile as your way in connecting to your loved ones, you get high quality network, all day and all night customer service, Online account management and keep your existing number. Lycamobile has a lot of features to offer which makes them as the Europe’s largest mobile virtual network operator.

Since Lycamobile was launched in 2006, it has grown so rapidly when millions of subscribers in 14 countries including Australia gave their trust to Lycamobile because of good services rendered by the mobile brand. We could see that Lycamobile has a lot more to offer in the near future and further possible market launches for the year 2012.

With Lycamobile, you really can take the pleasure of international calls because of its low cost rates and longer connection with your family and friends all around the world. Lyca Mobile Recharge will definitely give you the best service a mobile recharge can offer, with free calls and SMS, you can enjoy every minute of everyday communicating with your loved ones from afar.

Lyca Mobile Recharge offers the cheap and affordable mobile recharge. It provides high quality international calls and domestic calls as well, in that we probably can say that Lycamobile has been remarkable since the day it was launched.

Where can you get Lyca Recharge?

Lyca recharge can be bought through online or at the retail shops. But if you want to choose the more convenient way, it would be buying your mobile recharge through online. You can buy anytime at anywhere whether at the comforts of your home or in the office and a good customer service has always there to help you out if any problem arises from your Lycamobile. There are lots of online shops available in the internet but few of them offers the cheapest and discounted price of Lyca mobile recharge. One website which I highly recommend is They offer the cheapest Lyca recharge and great discounts especially for Holiday Promos.

How to Recharge your Lycamobile?

Recharging Lycamobile is just easy. You just have to choose which one will be more convenient to you. Either way, your recharge will be credited instantly. Make the most of Lycamobile has to offer.

  1. Enter *131*PIN Number# then press the dial button
  2. Or you may Dial 131 from your Lycamobile and follow the top up instructions.


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